Najlepsze aukcje pl z allegro, same okazje!

Allegro - Najlepsze aukcje pl z allegro, same okazje!

What is a good scooter/moped for city streets that can also handle going up a big hill?

I’ve never owned a scooter before. I’m going to be on busy city streets with traffic going 25-45 mph, commuting too and from work. Also, I don’t want to lose speed on the hill and get run over!

Answer by Sharki
Go moped. You can’t legally run a scooter at those speeds in most areas most mopeds go 30 to 35 miles an hour. If you get a chinese brand they don’t run so high in dollars and they are fairly dependable. I know a couple good companies so if you want just call… 503 587 0668. Sharlene

Hanging out with a unicycle or a scooter?

So the other day I was out ‘scooting’ with some friends. We went 6miles on our little razor scooters. Unfortunately my little sisters scooter fell apart. She doesn’t care but now I don’t have a vehicle. So now I have to choose between a unicycle and a scooter. If I got a unicycle would I be able to keep up with them?

Answer by Randy Jackson

can i take a kick scooter on a Washington ferry?

i commute on the ferry everyday and instead of walking i want to start using a kick scooter. my friend used to bring a kick scooter but his is a folding scooter so he could just carry it on. my scooter is a kids size kick scooter that doesn’t fold. can i take it on the ferry with me if i don’t ride it inside the boat?

Answer by Richard A
The general answer is YES… and there are several advantages to bringing a scooter or motorcycle on a ferry…


Check your route and the TERMINAL PAGE for special rules about scooters and motorcycles.